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CALM Kids:

In traditional Chinese medicine, the heart and kidney energies need to be balanced to stay calm and focused. Exposure to modern stressors such as electronics, social media, irregular lifestyles, etc. disrupts this balance.

Moshen CALM is formulated to restore the balance between the heart and the kidney to consistently maintain your ability to be focused and calm*. As an added benefit, CALM can also increase sleep quality and assist with stress-related digestive symptoms.



In one school of Traditional Chinese Medicine, called the spleen and stomach school, it is believed that supporting the digestive process is of utmost importance in treating any ailment.

Moshen DIGEST formula addresses various digestive imbalances, from indigestion to irregular bowls, in alliance with this school of thought. The herbs that make up this formula contain naturally occurring enzymes that aid digestion and possess antibacterial and antiviral qualities that reduce inflammation.

This results in a formula that can relieve stomach discomfort in minutes and help with long-term digestive symptoms*.



GUARD is a formula targeted to support the body during the process of Vaccination. GURAD is used to help lessen the side effects of vaccinations, utilizing herbs that supplement defensive Lung energy.

Another category of herbs has been incorporated to increase the liver's detoxifying function. This aids in clearing the adjuvants and synthetic preservatives that enter the system at the point of injection so that the body may be supported to remove unwanted/unpleasant toxins faster.



SHIELD is a formula that supports the immune system*. It is based on an ancient Chinese formula called Jade Windscreen, which was used to strengthen the body's natural ability to fight pathogens.

At Moshen, we fortified the original recipe to better support your immune system in fighting modern-day viruses and bacteria*. SHIELD can be taken daily, before and during high-risk seasons, to help avoid contracting any illnesses*.



Our REACT formula is designed to help minimize the body's reaction to various allergens. We comprised a variation of an ancient formula, incorporating heating and cooling herbs. This two-prong approach addresses the complex condition of allergies we face today. First, we calm many heat symptoms that manifest as inflammation, from hives and eczema to colitis. 

The warming herbs strengthen the Spleen and augment the Lung energy to alleviate colder symptoms such as hay fever and fatigue.  With this formula, we aim to transform hyperreactive presentations into a more natural body climate/responses

Kids Bundle

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