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Our Ingredients

2,000 Years of Ancient Tradition.

Internationally Sourced.




Moshe developed our proprietary blends to support people worldwide to center imbalances, stay grounded, and feel energized and focused. Our herbs are sourced internationally and ethically. 


Moshen formulas are highly concentrated, economical, and efficient through a unique extraction process. Other elixirs are alcohol-based with additives. Moshen herbs are water-based and cooked with traditional tea with minimal alcohol as a preservative, allowing the beneficial essence adaptogens to perform optimally. 


Each formula includes 12+ herbs boiled harmoniously for hours, resulting in a dynamic tincture with potent healing benefits. One only needs 1-2 teaspoons daily, with varying dosage recommendations for adults and kids. 

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What are

Adaptogens are functional herbal blends that respond to your body, and make you healthier and more resilient.They work synergistically with your system, bringing you back into balance.When you’re in balance, you wake up feeling refreshed, have steady energy throughout the day, and sleep well at night. 

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Why do
Herbal Blends
Work so Well?

Here’s the thing: The symptoms getting in your way – like fatigue, insomnia, or digestive issues – are never caused by one thing. They’re triggered by a number of factors within the context of your specific body.​ That’s why simply addressing the symptoms won’t work. The root of the condition must be corrected, and it’s different for everyone. Hence the need for universal, adaptogenic formulas.But customized formulas are hard to get. You need to see an herbalist to get the right blend to suit your needs, and these visits can be expensive and time-consuming.  At Moshen Herbs, we want to make herbal formulas more accessible. So we’ve identified the blends that are most-needed, and made them available to everyone. 

Long-term use of our herbal formulas is ideal, and some clients experience relief within hours, even days. Countless client success stories exemplify the power of Moshen Herbs, and we’re grateful to share our Moshen potion and secret weapon with you and the world! 

Discover your supporting power today

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