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Our Philosophy

Regeneration and self-healing.

Our body is the oldest and most sophisticated organ, a true beacon of innovation and science.

Life happens, our environments change, and no one is perfect as we face health challenges affecting our holistic self-alignment of mind, body, and soul. And what we put into our temples can either support or degrade the process.

From chronic fatigue to hormonal imbalance, various factors deprive us of being and living our lives to the fullest. Many of us share a variety of common symptoms, feeling defeated trying prescriptions, diets, and even exercise in the end, still feeling like a lesser version of ourselves. Moshen Herbs is your support, your secret weapon. We trust in the ancient traditional ways of herbal Chinese medicines to support our modern living! It’s been proven century after century. 

At Moshen Herbs, we make Eastern solutions accessible and effective in the Western world, curating universal water-based formulas from high-quality herbs and a unique traction process to support the health of adults and children. Our family of adaptogenic Chinese elixirs is formulated to relieve chronic and minor ailments like weak immunity, digestive issues, sleep deprivation, and much more!



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