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About Us: Welcome


It quickly became clear how critical it was to make these formulas accessible to everyone, as a back pocket healing solution – a secret weapon. 


As a family-owned and operated business, we’re really passionate about our products. They’re everything to us.

We use herbal formulas ourselves, and we’ve seen them work for so many of Moshe’s clients – from those suffering through painful headaches, to people trying to conceive. 


Moshe worked hard to create balanced herbals formulas that are helpful for a wide range of people, without causing negative side effects. 


And Noa is passionate about getting these formulas out into the world – because she’s felt and seen them work, again and again. 


Whether you want to try an elixir without committing to 1:1 consulting, or you’re a practitioner looking to add herbs to your practice, our herbal formulas are available within a few clicks.

We believe we can help thousands of people around the world who are suffering with frustrating conditions feel better.

If you’re one of them, we’re so excited to share the power of Moshen Herbs with you. 


Moshe + Noa


We’re Moshe + Noa, the father-daughter duo behind Moshen Herbs. 

We started Moshen Herbs because of the high word-of-mouth demand for our formulas.

Moshe Heller has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1994. Through prescribing custom formulas to his patients, he’s developed and perfected our universal herbal blends, which do not require customization.

Moshe’s clients were telling friends and family about their experience using the herbs, and we began to get an overflow of calls and emails from people who wanted in.

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We want to make natural healing available to everyone. You shouldn’t have to invest hundreds of dollars or spend years going from doctor to doctor to feel really good in your body and mind.

Client after client sees results with these formulas. They’re intended for long-term use, but many people start feeling better within the first month or sooner. And now you can place an order right here and receive them on your doorstep.


We’re passionate about environmental and financial sustainability, striving to protect our planet in any way possible, and make healing available to people of all backgrounds.


Our glass bottles are eco-friendly, made by local manufacturers with minimal packaging. The ingredients in our authentic Chinese formulas are of the highest quality, and 100% natural.


Moshen ships directly to clients and practitioners, removing the middleman. You don’t have to sit in a waiting room, fill out a long intake form, or spend a lot of money to try out an herbal formula. 

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